Friday, January 13, 2012

Penis Pumps vs Penis Extenders

Which is better - a penis pump or a penis extender?

Having tried and tested both the Bathmate Penis Pump and the SizeGenetics penis extender I have come to know and appreciate both of these fantastic devices.

First let me tell you that the results that you achieve with both these devices are very good. I do feel that the Bathmate does pip the Sizegenetics for penis girth increases. There is however 1 big area where these two device differ dramatically. Have a look at my pictures above and see for yourself.

1) Penis Extenders shoudl be worn for a mininum of 2 hours a day. The most common complaint received about extenders is the discomfort factor.

2) Bathmate penis pumps are used for just 15 minutes a day.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bathmate Penis Pump

So what is the Bathmate penis pump?

Bathmate is a revolutionary penis pump that works with water instead of air and produces incredible results in both increases in penis girth and penis length.

Air penis pumps, although popular, can be quite dangerous and are known for causing damage to the sensitive penis tissue. This is due to the compressive qualities of air allowing for overpumping and a resultant tissue rupture.

Water is totally non compressive and therefore a safe medium to use in a penis pump. You get just the right vacuum pressure every time without the risk of damaging your penis.

Bathmate penis pumps have become a worldwide sensation not only because they are easy to use, but because they also produce far better results than a conventional penis pump.

Simply lie in a bath (or soak in a shower) place the pump over your penis, pump it a couple of times and then relax as the soothing warm water and the incredible pump do the work.

Results will be noticed within the very first couple of days!

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Penis enlargement attempt results in Death

A 22 year old man has died after a failed attempt at penis enlargement.

It would appear that Justin Street was given a silicone injection into his penis by 34 year old Kasia Rivera. He died the following day as a result of silicone embolism.

The 34 year old Kasia Rivera has been charged with manslaughter.

Episodes such as the above case are not uncommon. Men repeatedly turn to unsafe methods in order to achieve an almost instant penis enlargement but are instead rewarded with Erectile dysfunction, infections and as in the case of Justin, death.

There are safe methods of penis enlargement that result in permanent penis size increases. One of the safest methods is the use of penis extenders.

Penis extenders are medically backed and will supply permanent and safe penis enlargement.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Small Pussy and big cock

Lets face it, we all dream about having a massive cock that splits a tight pussy wide open, but in reality it may not be as great as it seems.

Jonah Falcon, the man that boasts the biggest dick in the guinness book of records, reports that sometimes things are just not that great.

Jonah's dick is the size of a wine bottle and there is never a shortage of well used girls looking for the challenge of managing to take his dick up them.

However, anytime he does meet a decent girl they see his dick and run away!!

Back to reality - you are probably never going to get a dick the size of Jonah's no matter how many Male Extra pills you use or how long you use a penis extender like SizeGenetics.

However, there are some steps that you can take that will make it seem like you are going to split her apart.

A womans pussy needs adequate lubrication for optimal health and comfort during sex. Many women suffer from a bit of dryness and prefer for you to use a lubricant to help matters along the way.

Now there is a fantastic new lubricant that is going to really drive her mad. Intivar is not only a great lubricant but also immediately sends a rush of blood to the pussy that will get her as horny as hell.

Intivar then also contracts her pussy making it smaller and a much better fit for your cock. Tighter fitting sex means more pleasure for you and for her.

Whether you are a single guy with plenty of girlfriends or someone who has been married and faithful to your partner for years, Intivar is going to give your sex life such an incredible boost with the increase to her libido and tightening of her pussy.

  • Tightens vagina

  • Increases libido

  • Hightens sensations

  • lubricates

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What's the good of a thick dick!

Tell me - Of what use is a big and thick dick if it does not perform.

I am being serious - Millions of men, some big and some small, have difficulty in getting it hard or keeping it hard even in the best situations.

Your prick can be as big and as thick as you want but when it does not want to stand up it is of no use to you or anyone else.

One lady shared with me that the single biggest turn on for a woman before jumping into bed is to see the man's dick already rock hard. To her this says that you find her desirable enough to fuck.

I want to share a little secret with you that I discovered. Well I did not discover it but it is something that I found out.

When it comes to enhancing your male sex drive there is one natural solution that makes a whole lot of difference - Pomegranate.

Pomegranate fruit juice does incredible things to your dick and your brain. By simply drinking just 1 glass a day you will find that your libido can be boosted by as much as 200%.

What I discovered as well is that when taking pomegranate I have so much more interest in sex and members of the opposite sex. In fact I find that I have to watch that I don't start to drool when a sexy lady walks past, and I have to watch the bulge in my pants as well.

I also have some great information on how you can get a very concentrated form of pomegranate that is the equivalent of drinking 500 glasses of fresh juice.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last 10 to 30 minutes longer tonight

I am not kidding, you could be lasting as much as 10 to 30 minutes by tonight without having to resort to creams and sprays or devices etc.

Premature ejaculation is really the pits. There is nothing worse than spending so much time and effort to get her into bed and "Boom", in one minute flat you explode.

I realy can't believe how much my life has changed since I found the incredible premature ejaculation treatment by Matt.

Let me explain!

I was always a quick cummer and as a result I started searching for something to help me to last longer. I tried so many different product, so many different techniques and yet nothing helped. To tell you the truth it just seemed to get even worse and my confidence was taking a real dive.

Have you any idea what it is like to enjoy the perfect evening out, dinner and wine, get back home with a stunning chick and then blow your load in just 1 minute flat.

Of course she says that she enjoyed it but in her eyes all you can see is the lies that she is telling to make you feel better. And then the next day she won't even answer your calls anymore.

Cutting a long story short, I came across a premature ejaculation treatment that promised that I could last longer even the very first time after reading the information. I was surprised that there were no creams or devices involved and even more surprised that this guy Matt was offering a sixty day money back guarantee.

I thought, what the hell, I have lost so much money already on useless products and even worse, my investments on dating ladies was costing me a fortune, if this one does not work at least I can get my money back straight away.

Well I downloaded the information and was spellbound. This guy actually was making so much sense and I realised the reasons why my problem was getting worse with every new product that I tried.

First date after reading the information and even though it is no great record, I lasted a whole 10 minutes - much longer than I had ever lasted before and at least 9 minutes up on my recent performance.

Guess what - next day I had a call from the lady asking what I was doing that night. "Perhaps we could just stay at home and snuggle up to each other" she suggested.

The Ejaculation Trainer is incredible and has changed my life forever.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rock Solid Erections

One of the keys to solid erections and increasing your male libido may very well lie in what you eat.

One food that increases libido (or should I say Fruit) is the pomegranate. Scientists have discovered that just one glass a day of juice from the Pomegranate is able to increase your male libido by as much as 200%.

Being a fairly sceptical person, and having tried and tested so many of the so called male aphrodisiacs before, I decided to give pomegranate juice a test.

My biggest single problem was finding a reliable source of pomegranate juice. I was eventually only able to find a blended juice that contained some natural pomegranate - oh well I suppose that anything is better than nothing at all.

What I can say is there was a definite difference in my libido after drinking the pomegranate. No it was not immediate but during the course of the day and for the entire next day I did find that my mind was wondering onto sexual matters quite a bit more than normal.

I found that walking through shopping malls I was tending to look at and notice the girls far more than I would normally and additionally it was creating a stirring in my pants as well, something that I do not normaly experience just from looking around.

I found that pomegranate really did increase my libido and I was able to easily achieve some very good erections.

After searching and researching around even further due to the shortage of fresh pomegranate juice, I came across a product that contained a very powerful concentrated form of pomegranate.

Just one tablet was reported to be equivalent to nearly 500 glasses of the juice. Needess to say I placed my order and have never looked back since. I don't need to tell you that my erections are more solid than they have ever been in my life.

Male Extra really changed my life and has really boosted my libido - never mind my confidence in myself.

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